Immigrating to Denmark by marriage

If you are looking for a quick and cheap immigration to Denmark, the best way to get married in Denmark is to become a Danish citizen. Marriage in Denmark is one of the ways that foreign citizens think about migrating to Denmark, whether it can be permanent residence with a Danish woman or man.

Many people want to immigrate to countries that have high welfare facilities and good welfare facilities and a high level of education and low costs. Denmark has all of these things and is therefore a destination for many immigrants.

There are many applicants for a Danish marriage visa. That’s why Denmark has set rules for granting this type of visa to prevent people from entering the marriage formally. People who want to get married in Denmark must be in Denmark 160 days before their wedding date. For this reason, most people travel to this country after receiving a tourist visa, and after marriage in Denmark, they change their residence to marriage. People can easily travel to all European countries after obtaining a residence permit in Denmark by marriage. In order to obtain a marriage visa, individuals must provide proof that their marriage is not formal, such as photos and videos.



 Important points of marriage in Denmark

  1. People under the age of 18 cannot marry without the permission of the marriage bureau.
  2. People applying for asylum cannot get married in Denmark.
  3. If both parties have a permanent address outside of Denmark, they can get married.
  4. Homosexual marriage can take place if one is a Danish citizen.


Obtaining citizenship by marriage in Denmark

Marriage in Denmark first results in a 2-year residence permit and then a 4-year residence permit. One of the benefits of marriage in Denmark is that the number of years after marriage is less than the number of years required to obtain citizenship, and this makes it possible to prepare earlier. If one of the parties to the marriage has Danish citizenship, the other person can apply for Danish citizenship. If the pursuit of citizenship is properly pursued and has a proper legal basis, this marriage will lead to citizenship. In these cases, you must submit an application and file to become a Danish citizen.



Obtaining residency through marriage

The best, cheapest, and fastest way to get residency or citizenship is by countries.


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