Top 10 dating apps in India

In this article we are going to introduce top 10 dating apps in India.

In today’s world, you can reach countless people all over the world with just a few simple clicks. As social beings, we humans need a network of friends in order to have emotional support and to seek help from them when we need help.

Sometimes, due to busy work and limited time, many of us cannot find a wide network of friends for ourselves, so we have problems when we need someone’s help. But despite the Internet, there is no need to worry. You can get access to many friends from different regions by downloading dating applications and easily expand your network of friends.

In dating apps in India, you can easily and constantly communicate with your friends, and you have their constant support with you. Also, you can have many friends from all over the world instead of friends from your own city and culture.

One of the advantages of using dating apps in India is not having to stress about getting to know strangers and also being able to connect with many people who have the characteristics you want.

Maybe in real life, you will find few people who have the characteristics you want, but in these applications, there are thousands of friends for you that you like.

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India is the second most populous country in the world and is always known for its rich culture. After America, there is the largest dating application market in India.

In today’s India, you can see both old traditions in cities and modern cities today where people live with different cultures, so you can experience different friendships in India.

Since Indian people are very warm and friendly, you can easily make friends with them and enjoy your relationship. In this article, we introduce you the best dating apps in India.


Top 10 dating apps in India

Top 10 dating apps in India

Top 10 popular dating apps that you can use to find friends in India:


It is the most popular dating application around the world, you must have seen its ads. This application is useful for both serious and friendly relationships. The important advantage of this application is its ease of use, which makes it easy for beginners.

Your membership in this application is free and after registration you have access to all profiles but with limited information. By purchasing the premium version, you will be given complete information about profiles and additional filters.


 dating apps in India - tinder


This application also has a desktop version. When you mark a profile with a heart icon and the other person accepts you, you will be notified and you can start your relationship.

Due to its popularity in the world and in India, this application has many users from the people of India and its use is expanding in India. Also, this application is extremely useful for those who are beginners in dating.


This application is made and managed in India. Although it started working in 2014, it has spread well. In this application, you can find friends both in India and in other parts of the world, but since it was first spread in India, there are more Indian users.

This platform is suitable for those who are looking for serious relationships. Registration is relatively easy and it is ensured that no bot or fake user joins, so it has fewer fake and inactive users than other applications. Registration is free, but you will get more features by purchasing a subscription.

The website version of this application is available. The blocking option also allows you to prevent annoying users from harassing you. This application also performs well in terms of protecting personal information.


This application was designed and built in India and it started working in 2015, but it has gained a lot of popularity in this short period of time. The great security of this application is considered one of its strengths.

It works almost the same as Tinder. Usually, during registration, it prevents fake users and bots from joining by creating several steps, and also does not allow the user to take screen chat, thus ensuring the security of users. You can increase the attractiveness of your conversations by taking various tests.

Enter your correct details while registering as this app’s algorithm is set to match you with people similar to you and also gives you a trust score that increases your chances of dating. During registration, you can share your photo in addition to your information.


It is a new dating application that started working in 2017 and was designed and built in India, but it has been successful in attracting many users. This application is more suitable for serious relationships and those who are looking for a life partner.

This app matches people based on common interests. Also, the high security of the application prevents fake users from joining, and the disturbance will be less for you.

Registration in this application is free and you will benefit from more services by purchasing the premium version. Registration in this application can be done directly by a person as Matchmakers, and you can also register as Seekers.

Seekers are single people who are looking for their life partner. But Matchmakers search on behalf of someone else, such as a friend or family member, and if the Seeker likes a profile, he introduces himself to its Matchmakers, and if the match is confirmed, you can continue the relationship.

The interesting method of this site in dating and creating a relationship, which part of its activities is based on the traditional culture of India, i.e. choosing a life partner by the family, has attracted many users from India in this short period of time, and this application is still being developed.

5-Coffee Meets Bagel:

This application started working in 2012 and is made and managed in San Francisco, USA, but it has been liked by Indians because of its interesting working method and security.

Registration in the application is free and users must be over 18 years old. The amount of female users of this application is more than male. User profiles cannot be searched on this platform, so users’ security is maintained more.


dating apps in India - Coffee Meets Bagel


Instead, it has a high matching algorithm that introduces people to you according to your profile and the competitions you can participate in. In this application, the quality of the profile is superior and more important than its quantity.

This platform introduces you 24-hour offers that disappear after 24 hours if you don’t like them. Also, if a user likes you and matches you, you can start your relationship. This application also supports people from the LGBTQ+ community. The high security available in this application has attracted many women from India.


One of the top dating apps in India is QuackQuack. This application has been operating for more than a decade (since 2010) and was founded in India. Its founder, who felt the void of a good and reliable dating app and website in India, started designing this app.

Today, QuackQuack presents itself as the best dating app in India and wins many competitions with others. Registration in this application is free, and according to the algorithm of this site, you will be matched with others by your information such as age, place of residence, education, personality, etc., and similar people will be introduced to you.

The purpose of this application is to establish serious and stable relationships, not just simple friendship. This application has high security and users are sure that their information is safe.

This platform has more than 16 million active users and the number of users is increasing day by day. This application also supports English language. By purchasing a subscription in the application, you can access voice and video calls.


Although this application started working in 2010, due to its special capabilities and its high security, it has attracted the attention of many users, including Indian women.

In this application, you can make a voice call without your phone number being displayed. The users of this application are educated and successful people in their profession. So if you are looking for people with a high level of education for friendship, this application is right for you.

This application also matches you with other users according to your information and introduces similar people. You can also have an audio introduction in completing your profile.

Information such as your location and phone number are completely safe and will not be shown to anyone. Working with this application is simple. Due to its high security, many Indian women use this application for dating.


This application has been launched since 2014. In this application, using the location of users, it is shown to them which other users who are members of happen were present during the routes that you pass, and if you If you like their profile, you can mark it with a heart icon, similar to Tinder, and if the other user likes you, you can start a relationship.

The algorithm of the application is designed to be very safe and your location and information will be preserved and you can safely find the friend you want. You can see where and how many times you bumped into a particular person on your way.

Membership in this application is free, but you can access more information by purchasing its premium version. This application is considered one of the best dating applications in India. Also, this platform supports Hindi language in addition to English language.


It is considered one of the most popular and best dating apps around the world. Registration is free, but the membership process is such that it prevents the creation of fake profiles.


bumble - dating apps in India


In this application, women are supported to start a relationship first, which is against the common culture in India. This practice increases the courage of Indian women at the beginning of the relationship. Similar to Tinder, you can view profiles and send messages to your favorite profile to start your relationship.

This application supports many languages including Hindi. You can use other apps like Instagram account to get to know more users on this platform.


This application is considered one of the most popular and best dating applications. Membership in this application is free and you can access many profiles after membership.


dating apps in India - okcupid


You can start your relationship only if you have liked the other person and he has liked you. This site introduces people similar to you with its filters and algorithm. By purchasing the premium version, you can see who liked you without like a profile.

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As mentioned, some apps have more Indian users because they were made in India, so you can find your Indian friends more easily. The important thing when registering in these applications is to keep your information safe, so it is better to choose the most secure application for your online dating so that your information is preserved.

Try to continue your communication in the same application space until you have trusted your friend and also do not use your personal information in the chat. But when you completely trust your friend, you can transfer your chat space from the application to another space. However, in some applications there are protectors that can identify annoying users and disable them.

Even though today the old culture of India has changed a little, but still some people of India adhere to the same old culture. Therefore, it is better to get to know their culture a little at the beginning of friendship so that you can deal with them better.

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But in general, Indians are very warm and friendly people who treat you like a friend for many years. So you can trust them easily and in a short time. Try to respect the rules and beliefs that they adhere to so that they will trust you faster.

In general, because of the characteristics and personality of Indian people, friendship with them is very enjoyable. You can easily find friends from India using any of the above applications and start your relationship as soon as possible.


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