Immigrating to Finland by marriage

One way to immigrate to Finland is to get married. This method has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. Many people who marry Finnish citizens can receive a residence permit, but after a few years, if the conditions are right, they will receive Finnish citizenship. Of course, those who want to marry people who are Italian citizens can get a residence permit earlier than those who have permanent residence in Italy.


Receiving an engagement and marriage visa in Finland

When a foreigner wants to marry a Finnish citizen or marry someone who is a permanent resident of Finland, he or she must apply for a visa to enter the country. A visa to enter the country is known as a Finnish engagement and marriage visa. Obtaining an engagement and marriage visa has many conditions, which are discussed below.

A person applying for a residence permit by marriage must not be legally barred from entering the country, and the applicant must submit his / her application, along with other documents required for the issuance of a visa, to the Finnish Consulate. The applicant must provide evidence that he or she is single, or if he or she has been previously married, must provide evidence that his or her spouse has died or divorced.

In order not to be charged with formal marriage in Finland, he must provide evidence that there is an emotional connection between the two, such as shared photos or Internet chats. The presentation of these documents is only to reassure the government that their marriage is real and not just to stay in the country.

Now, if for any reason the couple cannot stay in this country, they can go to another country and get married there, and finally return to Finland, and together with their spouse, they want to get a residence permit in Finland by marriage.



Obtaining residency through marriage

The best, cheapest, and fastest way to get residency or citizenship is by countries.


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