Top 10 dating apps in USA

Maybe you have recently distanced yourself from your friendships or you are looking to expand your network of friends. Today in this article we are going to talk about the best dating apps in USA.

there are many applications that will help you get what you want in the most convenient way. It is enough for you to know who you are looking for and then search for that person by choosing the right application and start chatting with him quickly.

In today’s world, most online dating is done through applications. It is expected that the number of active users on these platforms will reach 413 million people by the end of 2022.

Among all the countries that use these applications for dating, America has the largest number of users in these applications with approximately 53 million users, equivalent to 15.7%.After America, England with 11.5%, France with 10.9% have the largest share in these applications.

Contrary to expectations, India and China with their large population have fewer users in these dating applications, but on the other hand, the usage rate in these countries is there are more applications to find the desired person for marriage.

These applications provide you with a stress-free and comfortable way, and each of the applications with the facilities they give you will make you achieve exactly what you wanted. You just have to choose the right dating apps in USA for you.

Top 10 dating apps in USA

1. eHarmony

eHarmony is one of the applications that has high security and you can be sure that your information is safe. The main competitor of the application is Match, and most of the users are between thirty to forty and fifty five and sixty five years old. Forming a profile in this application includes an 80-question questionnaire.

This platform is suitable for introverts because the way to create a conversation without feeling stressed gives space to extroverts to continue their relationship with more confidence.

2. Bumble

Bumble has a simple space that makes it easy to work with. After downloading, you will be given up to 24 hours for free to find friends and message them. But if you feel that you need more time, you can purchase weekly and monthly subscriptions. If your relationship continues, you can also make video calls in this application. The advantage of free short term dating is that it avoids unnecessary and annoying messages.

3. Match

Match is the most popular dating application. It is suitable for people who are between 45 and 65 years old and looking for a serious relationship. Downloading this program is free, but you need to purchase monthly subscriptions to continue.

4. Tinder

It is a modern application for dating that helps you to find friends quickly with its swip feature. Tinder is free. Most of its users are young adults who are looking for their suitable friend. With the filters of this application, you can find the users you want around you or other places. This application is very useful for beginners in online dating.

5. Plenty of Fish

It is one of the main dating apps in USA that has about 90 million active users. Downloading this program is free, but you need to get monthly subscriptions to continue.

6. Elite Singles

The initial idea of this application is that educated single youths can join it to find their friends through this platform. Elite Singles has created high security for its users. The platform also has a personality test that helps you figure out what kind of friends to look for. If you are looking for friends who are highly educated and somewhat successful in their careers, this is the right app for you.

This application will remove inactive users and bring you to real and active users. Also, this application is free to download, but you need to purchase a subscription. The personality test consists of approximately 200 questions of your profile.

7. Badoo

This application has many fans because it costs less than other applications and the initial communication is free. You can also add videos to your profile. This platform is very extensive, with 400 million users in more than 100 countries.

This application is free. If you want to benefit from more features, you need to purchase a subscription. Maybe this easy membership and many users limit you to find serious relationships, but with the filters of this application, you can reduce this limitation.

8. Adult Friend Finder

This application is completely free and has 113 million users. It also supports LGBTQ+ people. One of the goals of this platform is to create a network of local friends. In this application for conversation, you can benefit from live video call, live chat, etc. Paid membership in this application gives you more possibilities. Most users are adults.

9. Academic Singles

It is almost similar to Elite Singles and most of its users are highly educated people. This site seeks to establish friendly relations between people who have higher education in America. This site does authentication through pictures and is free for women. It also generally provides free membership for everyone for a while.

10. Hinge

In this application, there is an algorithm that after answering the questionnaire of this platform matches you to people similar to you and introduces them to you. So dating apps in USA helps you find the person you want in the fastest possible way. In fact, this app shows you what people like about you, not how many people like you, which makes it easier to start a conversation.

In general, according to the statistics published in 2022, the Bumble application was the most used with 36%, Tinder and Badoo applications with 33%, Match with 31% and eHarmony with 27%.

According to the polls, Elite and eHarmony are more popular in America, and the relationships created in them are stronger and more serious.

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Reliable dating apps in USA

In order to enjoy your friendship, you must be sure that your information and that of your friends are safe. Security in these applications means being sure of the real identity of the users, as well as the safety of chats, images and your personal information in these applications. So it is important to choose the safest platform for dating.

The best way to find friends online 

In addition to this, your protection is also important. In this regard, you should not share confidential information such as family records, place of residence, information about your family, etc., as well as pictures of yourself, until you have fully known and trusted the other person. Try to go on a face-to-face date when you are completely sure of the other person. Don’t rush your relationship.

Make your first in-person dates in public places. Try to use information that is not too confidential when filling out your profile. Also, in the beginning of your communication with your friends, use less pictures and make fewer video calls. But after you trust your friends, you can easily communicate with them.

Important dating tips

Important points regarding success in online dating are:

  1. Create a complete profile of yourself so that users can choose you correctly and you will get the answer faster.
  2. Be patient and don’t rush to build a relationship. Patience and perseverance will bring you success.
  3. Use the best application and try to choose the desired application according to your needs to increase your success rate.
  4. If you feel in your conversation that the conversation is going abnormally or stories are being told that make you suspicious, immediately end the chat. Because in the end, you are looking for a calm and safe friendship, and since you don’t see the other person in person at the beginning of the relationship, it becomes difficult to create a sense of trust between you and your friend. So trust yourself and boldly move forward with your relationship.
  5. If you are asked a private question and you do not like to answer it, discuss this with the other party. Allow yourself to be comfortable with your conscience.
  6. Try not to send money or a card number to your friend until you have gained complete trust. Considering that your relationship started online and you haven’t met yet, this can be very risky.
  7. If you find a friend in dating apps, try to continue your chat communication in the same environment because there are moderators in these platforms who can identify wrong and offensive behavior in chat and disable the user.

Find friends online in Canada

There are many other dating apps in USA where you can find your desired friend by joining them. But in this article, 10 of the best applications used for dating were mentioned. The important thing in dating apps in USA is that you choose the best application with the best features and also consider that this application has many users so that you can meet many people who have your characteristics. On the other hand, there are applications whose users include only a certain section of people. For example, some of them only include educated people, and others have users who are only over 40 years old.

Therefore, it is important which application you choose to make friends. Also, there are some apps like Tinder that everyone can join and age and gender don’t matter. These types of applications give you the opportunity to experience friendship with more people, for example, if you have never had a friend who is older than you, you can experience this friendship through these applications.

If you have been looking for a friendly relationship with Americans, but you have not found the friend you want, you can easily communicate with your friends through the applications that Matchmarry has mentioned and enjoy being in these relationships.


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