Immigrating to Hungary by marriage

One of the best and fastest ways to get a residence permit in Hungary is to marry a Hungarian citizen.


Marriage conditions in Hungary

  1. Age requirement: The parties to the marriage petition must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Voluntary marriage: The parties to the marriage must marry of their own free will.
  3. One of the parties to the marriage must reside in Hungary for at least 30 days before the marriage ceremony.
  4. Married men and women must apply to the local registry office (Angakonywezeti Havatas) for a marriage license.
  5. Be single now: Both parties to the marriage must not have been married at the time of the action.
  6. Marriage shall be lawful.
  7. The applicant for marriage must not be barred from entering Hungary.


Documents required for marriage in Hungary

  • A valid passport or ID card of one of the parties to the marriage who is a Hungarian citizen.
  • Receive a Marriage License from the Competent Registry Office. You must obtain a certificate based on the city where you plan to hold your wedding.
  • Birth certificate (for example, national card or birth certificate)
  • Divorce certificate if the person has a history of separation.
  • Certificate of no legal prohibition on marriage. The document is issued by the applicant’s home country and certifies that there is no legal prohibition on the applicant’s marriage. The certificate also states whether the person is single, divorced or widowed.




Obtaining residency through marriage

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