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My name is Angela and I am an international and official immigration lawyer from Australia. I am with 9 of my colleagues who are professional and official international lawyers from different countries of the world, including: USA, Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Finland and Russia, we have created the Match marry collection to open a new window for a better tomorrow for all those who live in this world and are looking for the best, cheapest and fastest way to obtain residency or citizenship in the most advanced countries in the world. And open "migration through marriage."

Under the immigration laws of countries, there are many ways to obtain residency and citizenship of a country, each with its own complexities and conditions, and most immigration applications are denied due to strict regulations.

During our more than 15 years of experience in immigration and citizenship for our clients, we have mostly encountered people who could not afford to stay in one country through investment. Also, most of those who skillfully sought residency in a country did not get the desired result due to the large number of applicants who had been waiting for years to process their applications, although a small number were able to obtain visas through skill. .

Among the various ways to immigrate to a country, "Residence through marriage" is the best, cheapest and fastest way to obtain residency or citizenship in the world. Most of the cases that my colleagues and I have pursued in different countries have been concluded. And it can be said that the chance of obtaining a residence permit in a country through marriage is 100%, and in this type of governments and immigration offices of different countries can not refuse to issue a residence visa in any way. Keep in mind that thousands of residence visas are issued through marriage in different countries of the world every year, and in recent years with the increase in immigration demand, obtaining residence through marriage with a foreign national is very important for citizens of different countries, especially those who They do not have enough capital to obtain residency in developed countries.

Law on granting residence through marriage in developed countries of the world

In many developed and powerful countries of the world, such as the United States, Canada, Britain, Germany, Italy, Australia, etc., there is a law granting residence through marriage and it has been formulated in a complete and transparent manner. Marriage to a foreign man or woman is no different, and citizenship and residence will be granted to a foreigner according to the laws and regulations of each country. Immigration applicants can immigrate to that country by marrying a foreign citizen and also receive residency in that country. In most countries, the minimum age for marriage is 18, and if a person is already married, they will need proof of previous marriages, such as a death certificate or divorce decree.


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In the Match Marry blog section, we have also uploaded the latest country laws for obtaining a residence visa through marriage so that you can get acquainted with the laws of different countries for issuing a residence visa through marriage.

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Important Note: Some users send messages to the site support and announce that the member or members who sent the message and chat to the friend did not respond and are concerned about this. Please note that most people who are members of Match Marry are looking for marriage, and the member you texted may have met someone else or may need more time to respond to your friend message. So you should not be upset about this and you should keep trying.

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All you have to do is find your favorite partner in Match Marry and agree to marry him. Then let us know so that at a cost of about $3,000, we can successfully complete all the formal marriage and residency visa applications as soon as possible, and get you residency in the country where your partner is from.

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